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Free Teacher Tech Camp IT Guide!!!!

Teacher Tech Camp IT guide! Checklists covering computers, laptops, ipads, and iphones to help you choose the best device to get your online teaching business off to a good start Additional Checklists for internet speed and other devices. Also, ideal specifications, optimizations, links to helpful resources, and so much more!

Teacher Tech Camp is your online IT support center. We have developed the Teacher Tech Camp Playlist to answer the most frequently asked IT questions by online teachers. Just click to subscribe to my channel, and get updates of new videos and live streams. Also, check out the Teacher Tech Camp page here on teacherleah.com where you will find videos and IT guides! You can also send your questions in via email. We will try to help you via email, suggest a paid consult with our IT specialist, or refer you to a resource that can help you. My goal is to provide the best solutions and resources to help you build an online teaching business that meets your needs in every way!

Teacher Tech Camp's IT Specialist

Meet Leah Sparrow’s IT specialist. Rob is retired military. He was a hardware and software specialist during his time in the military. He is now retired and resides peacefully with his beautiful family. He is very active in many different hobbies and community functions. His knowledge in all things technical is boundless, and I am proud to have him on my team. Ask Rob a question at teachertechcamp@gmail.com, or tune in Monday’s at 10 am est live on Youtube to ask your questions.

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Include your name, goals as an online teacher, platforms you work for or have applied to, your tech specs (computer, operating system, etc), what you have tried to solve your IT issues, and where you are (time zone so that I can schedule a meeting that suits our time zones if necessary). Your email will not be subscribed to an email list nor will your information be used for marketing purposes unless permission is granted by you personally.