About me

Hello, I’m Leah Sparrow. I have taught as an online teacher since December 2017. I have taught over 7,000 classes and over 2000 students.

I am an online teaching consultant/coach. I help you find your niche in the online teaching world. I can help your market and build a successful online teaching business by providing:

  • marketing as an online teacher courses and guides
  • creating video for your profile and/or YouTube courses
  • using Canva to develop media for marketing and the classroom courses and in video tutorials
  • teaching strategies in the ESL and native speaker classroom via my YouTube Channel
  • free coaching for the hiring process with VIPKID, QKids, and Outschool

If you have thought of teaching for an online company or taking the online freelance teaching path, you are in the right place. I will help you build your business to fit your needs. Are you a non-native English speaker, native English speaker, and/or looking for an opportunity that doesn’t require a degree? Click the home page and check out “The Ultimate Online Teaching Guide to Success” where you will find solutions for marketing, virtual classroom platforms, curriculum resources, classroom setup, and more!

Here are 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Online Teaching:

  1. The freedom I would enjoy by being able to create my own schedule.
  2. Understanding the online teaching business can be more than extra income and become an actual business
  3. Knowing the options available and seeking out a mentor to help me decide which path I want to take in my business.
  4. Taking on YouTube sooner and understanding how to market on YouTube and social media in order to gain clients
  5. Realizing my true passion, teaching others how to grow and become the best they can be, can actually become a career that can grow beyond my wildest dreams.